• Registered Account
  • Ability To Work Unsupervised 
  • PC or Mac Computer
  • Attention To Detail
  • Willing To Learn 
  • Follow Directions
  • Some Administrative
  • Daily Acessible
  • Entry Level Position


  • Set Your Own Schedule
  • Part Time - Full Time Available
  • No Telemarketing 
  • No Sales 
  • No Morning/Night Time Commute 
  • Paid Training 
  • Great Pay
  • Raises


I'm going to show you a free tried blueprint outline  that seriously works. I've seen $50 plus days with this simple proven method. And I did it very simple. You can do this method with the free business (you'll be spending time not money)I'm going to show you how you can be earning $50 plus daily if you do it consistently. This way of promoting works best with a simple, legitimate company that's been paying for years, and pays you for free sign ups. The main purpose of this report is to direct you to a realistic way of earning 300$ -$500 weekly and a training for an online business BEFORE you get signed up, so you know what your getting into.

But you have to do the work, this won't work for you just sitting on this page with no action, point blank. 


What you'll need: 1 Free website; (weebly.com, yola.comwix.com, or even a free blog) Optional: 30 day free getresponse.com account; Separate FB account; Free Registered PPD account (website link to promote). 

Starting Out (setting up)

These next few steps will only be done once starting out and than you will go back and tweek it as you go, adding more and more value. 

To get started you want to create your free website/ , go to one of the free website providers above; This is a one time deal, you won't be creating alot of websites unless you want to test different ones with your audience or when you have new products. Now you want to create Value, something you'd gravitate towards, yourself.  Something helpful and informative. You can list the benefits of the company, why the prospect should sign up under you, videos, the process of getting started (especially before you're getting results), pictures and so on. REMEMBER: your audience is people like you; what would you gravitate towards.Keep it as simple as possible. You can even look at other websites (don't copy them) to get an idea of what's working for them. I suggest spelling out what the prospect will be doing daily with their time once they sign up. On this free website/ landing page you have to direct your prospects to your link that the company will provide you with.            OOOORRRR- You want to register with one these sites yola!@#$%, weebly@#@#$, or wix.com!@#$%. Name your website something to do with working online. Choose a theme. And that's it for now.

Optional: Capture Page

Next; Optional: A capture page is a website where you only collect a name and email and than you can futher contact them through the email they gave you. This where you have more opportunity to win them over with helpful tips and of coarse; your products that you feel to be a resource. You can go to getresponse.com and create a free 30 day subsription. There you will be able to create a autoresponder system to acquire and further respond to prospects. What I'm going to be talking about is setting up a capture page form. You can produce a form that will give you people's name, email etc. (This gives you a higher conversion rate, the possibility of you referring them to another opportunity, and also a way to correspond with your prospects). You're going to produce a form through getresponse.           **Create a capture page with an amazing heading; How to........; Discover..... something impressive about your company or the main subject of a free gift like a report. ***To get ideas for a free report you can find others reports by searching "keyword pdf" in google, don't copy those they're only to give you ideas. You will email the free report to them getresponse#$%^ auto responder (create a message sending your free report and thanking them. You can even buy free reports for less than $5- $10 from !@#$%^&&^(*& , you'll get the rights to add your product link to it.                        You also need a  call to action (go here, start now, apply today etc.) and a email capture field; underneath or above, let your prospect know the free report will be sent to their email.           Now you need a "go here" button that takes them to your website. You will add a redirect from your cutomer pushing the button to go to your product website by going to the settings(the little wheel up top right) and putting your link where it says thank you page, click custom and add it.  ?????Add your link to where ever it gives you the "custom"?????             Note: The capture page is the website people will come to first before you redirect them to your product website. Capture Page=> Company Website + Free Report.                      Now what to do with the capture page form? You publish it then copy the html code, you will add it to a your free website than when your ready you will publish that site. For instances in yola.com!@#$%!@#$, go to the html code widget at the top, almost all the way scrolled over, drag it to your page, then paste your html code on the top line. Yola!

FaceBook Account

For Facebook posting you don't need to use your original account. 

1.You can create a new one to use for work. Use your name or variation of your name and a picture of you for your profile. You don't want to start friending people either wait till you receive request for your business or collegues in the industry (you can see what's working for others in their business, they may even have something to offer you).

2. Also add some encouraging quotes/pictures etc (just look up 5-10 quotes, pictures starting out, over time you will get more and more. You can post a quote/picture 1-3 every day or couple days with your captions every once and while (you'll do this during your routine while posting). Soon you'll be posting some of your results every so often.  

3. Next Join Groups. You need to join atleast 50- 100 groups, but you don't want to rush this process; take between 15 seconds to a minute between joining each group. You want to join those groups that have to do with working from home, check to make sure they're are people in the group posting from USA, Canada. [Your going to be posting to these different groups 1-2 everyday this can take a 2-3 hours each time you post.] 


Come up with a 5-6 varations of the ads below to start with. You can even add some pictures to your posts as well. Check out other promoters' ads to get more ideas for what        works well with people.                                                                                                     

1. Call To Action- Go To/ Go Here Now/For More Info  - [Your Website Here]       

2. Headline Examples-  Earn 50$ - $100 Per Day / Make $350 - $500 A Week               

3. Body Text-                  Legitimate Work From Home                                                                                                       Paid Weekly By DD or Issued Debit Card                                        Free To Get Started Now

Full Body Ad ( add call to website & action): I've been working with a company that pays me weekly anywhere from $350 - $500. I do simple posting work daily. It works for me, I'm sure it can work for you. I'll actually even help you along the way, if you need it. It's free to get started now, just go to the site above for more information and to get started. Thanks 

Your Daily Routine

You will post variations of Your ads 2 times a day atleast 2-3 hours apart to your work groups.  Post your pictures, results, and quotes everyday or every couple of days to you news feed/ profile. Choose which days and times of the day you want to post online. Between 7am and 7pm is a good time to post your ads.

 To get started with the best company for this blue print %^&*Go Here!&^*%^&       You will need to go to the company website and fill in your name and email address in the form provided. This is the best company or product for this training because it is free to join and you get paid for free leads. You can use these very detailed steps to easily profit with it. **Implement this strategy it really does work consistently and faster than others. You must put in the work to see results. Go and register and once you are approved you can immediately begin working. The registration process can take anywhere between 2 hours to 4 hours.

1.  Go To The Company Website Below And Register 

2.  Enter Your Name And Email And Create A    

3.  Follow The Instructions From There To Begin Your        

Make a Free Website with Yola.